Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The "Cledon"

I was listening to a radio show by intuitive Colette Baron Reid and she was talking about an interesting concept called the "cledon." Originating from ancient Greek culture when people consulted the oracle of Apollo to ask a question, the concept of a cledon is where other unsuspecting people are used by God (in those day, the belief was in polytheism, in many gods) to convey a message to the inquiring person. In the past, this was through getting a message through overhearing a conversation between others, or when someone else who doesn't know about one's question answers it. In this day, it's also likely through seeing a headline or a billboard, or through hearing a certain song on the radio, or even watching something on TV.

I asked the angels to explain "cledons" to us and they said:

God is always answering prayers for guidance, sometimes through us, but often through using you angels on earth as His messengers, and in his service. When you feel drawn to donate money for the environment, or to help volunteer in some way, do you not feel divinely led to give of your time or resources to help others in need? Why wouldn't God also orchestrate opportunities for you to give guidance or comfort to others, even if it isn't something you're necessarily aware of?

People get messages in a nonthreatening way when they "happen" upon guidance through the overheard message or the synchronistic event. Not everyone wants to have an intuitive reading, or to open fully to their intuitive senses themselves. Even you have a 'hang up'--yes you.... You are perfectly happy to receive internal clairaudience and receive thought, but if you ever received external voices, you would be highly disconcerted and doubt your sanity. We therefore never use that channel with you. Were you to be more comfortable with that way of being clairaudient, it would open up for you.

God and we angels are always seeking to make your life more full of joy and love and peace, not to bring anxiety. Therefore this phenomenon of the "cledon" is a perfect way to convey information in a nonthreatening way. Now that you know about this, you can not only pay attention to others' messages for you, but ask to be guided in such a way that you serve others with the gift of being the divine messenger for others in turn.


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