Friday, July 17, 2009

Writing Prayers for the Anglican Rosary

As you know, I am in love with the Anglican rosary as a method of contemplative prayer, because it's so easy to pray different sets of prayers on the beads--or to "freeform" pray--for example, if you want to pray for a few different people, it's easy enough to repeat names over and over with the intention that God shower them with blessings.... Or even repeat Thank you.

But I ran across a wonderful blog posting about how to write prayers for the Anglican rosary (Thank you, Brother Nathan) and I wanted to link to it for people interested in writing prayers for the rosary--or maybe writing some of their own personal liturgy.

This is the advice I found key:

Select an overall theme. Choose a theme that you would like to reflect in your prayers, some examples are; morning prayer, healing, peace, scriptural meditation. For this example we will use a form of morning prayer.

Gather materials which reflect your theme which you can use to develop the various prayers you will use with your Rosary. These could include scripture, prayer books, poems, chants, sayings or you can create your own. The following example draws on material taken from A Prayer Book for Australia.

Write brief prayers for each group of beads. The object is to eventually be able to pray your Rosary prayers from memory, therefore try and keep them short enough for your to be able to learn them from memory.

The link:

I realize that some of my readers may have differing beliefs. Here is a link to a book on pagan prayer beads for those of you who might be more drawn to a pagan/goddess oriented spiritual path:

And here is a link to a wonderful book on prayer beads by Kimberly Winston, that has mainly Christian prayers which I LOVED, as well as instructions on how to make sets of prayer beads (her blog is in my favorite links section to the right.)


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