Monday, August 26, 2013

Angel Promises?

I want to thank the several friends who shared this on Facebook... fodder for my blog!

So I would say to this... YES most everyone reading that would have some struggle--but it's not necessarily "over" for everyone.  And yes I believe in angels--more than believe--and I did NOT share it except here.  Because I don't believe I am being tested, or that the angels would fix two big things for me if I hit "share".  I followed my heart and shared it here to say this.  If it comes from fear ("Please don't ignore it, you are being tested"), its origins are likely not angelic.

The angels said:

The graphic is not all bad.  It does remind people that there is help to be found from angels.  However, the very specific threat of being "tested" and the very specific promise of fixing two big things is a problem with the message.

Angels don't operate like fortune cookies.  Open up and receive a message, or guidance, or assistance, that is general and neutral and nonoffensive...  NO.

Not everything goes your way in life.  Not everything is alterable by an angel.  Not even by God.  FATE?  PREDESTINATION?  No.  First of all, there is relationship.  You have relationships with others that affect your life.  You have relationships with angels, with God, with aspects of your life such as career or health or finances too.  You even have a relationship with your self, and aspects of your self.  So some things are dependent on others with whom you choose to be in relationship.

Other things, are the result of cause-and-effect and of timing.  Did you start driving into an intersection?  Did the other person start into the intersection too?  How fast did you enter the intersection?  How far away are you?  How much distance is there?  How quickly do you react to break or do evasive driving?  A car accident happens or doesn't happen depending on whether what has been set into motion, can be changed by changing direction or applying the brakes.  It's a good analogy for some decisions made in life as well.

Are we discouraging you from praying or asking angels for help?  Absolutely not.  Just know that it's not a matter of superstition or the magic of social networking forwards.

Faith does not involve the jettisoning of rationality.  Thank you.


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